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Hewescraft - The History

Before WWII, Bob and his younger brother Ralph enjoyed flying their own airplanes, and both used that experience in the military during the war, mostly in maintenance. After the war, they returned to their hometown of Colville, Washington and operated the Hewes Flying Service.

The boat business got started with three Colville men who wanted their own fishing boats so bad, they were willing to build the boats themselves even though they had no experience. They talked Bob into participating. Bob had a lot of experience repairing airplanes and knew how to rivet. He drove 70 miles to Spokane and bought rivets and aluminum sheet and extrusion from a junk dealer.

The four agreed to build four boats, one for each, one at a time. Bob remembers that the first one looked terrible. But one of the other three men claimed it as his, and suddenly lost interest in helping build any more. The same thing happened after the second and third boats were done, leaving Bob all by himself to build the fourth. He recruited the aid of his brother Ralph.

Two factors helped get the boat business going. One was the increasing demand for more boats, as the post-war economy improved and people could afford more luxuries. The other was the decline in the flying business. As more veterans used up their GI benefits for flying lessons, the Hewes brothers had less and less business. But the clincher came when a customer wrecked one of the Hewes airplanes. Bob and Ralph sold their other plane along with their fire patrol contract with the Forest Service, and turned their shop at the Colville airport into a boat factory.

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