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Performance Fishing

Nice Salmon
Frank Martin sporting a nice Chinook Salmon from the cockpit of a World Cat 270 TE
Calumet Marine and Sports is one of a few dealers that can fully outfit a boat for fishing; whether your passion is inland lake fishing, river fishing, or big lake trolling we can get you ready to perform on the water.  Let Calumet Marine and Sports rig your boat with all the accessories including marine electronics, downriggers, rods, reels, and tackle; when your boat leaves our shop it is ready to go fishing.

At Calumet Marine and Sports we've even been known to help you learn how to use the stuff, if you need the help, because any excuse to go fishing is a good one.  At a minimum we sea trial our new boats with our customers to make sure they are comfortable and fully able to operate the boat and all systems that we've installed.

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